Walter Meayers Edwards: Canoeing on the Potomac River, 1949

Thomas Hoepker: Virginia City, Nevada, 1963  (via)

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World middleweight boxing champion Emile Griffith (1968)

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Unimate, a 3,500-pound industrial robot, pours a cup of coffee, 1967  (via)

Beauty salon, ca. 1940

Cover illustration by Thomas Theodor Heine, 1927  (via)

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Luau Room, Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California, 1940  (via)

Luis Marden: Flushing vampire bats into a net, 1942

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David Boyer: San Francisco night on the town, 1956

Hank Williams on Opry tour of U.S. bases in Germany, 1949

David Alan Harvey, 2004

Mickey Pallas: Female impersonator Mario Costello and fans, February 1956 Cabaret