Illustration by Roswell Brown, 1964

Found photo, 1966

Teen-Age Toughs: They’ll Be Worse When They Grow Up!


Ernst Haas - New Orleans, 1960

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William Klein
Gun, Gun, Gun, New York 

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Man Ray - Autoportrait dans un miroir avec Lee Miller, Cannes, 1929

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Photo by Ewing Galloway, 1936

Ned Day, How to Bowl, 1948

Photo by O. Louis Mazzatenta, 1975

Larry Sharkey: Boxer on the ropes, 1950  (via)

George W. Gardner: Nashville, 1984  (via)

George W. Gardner: Airport office, Joliet, Illinois, 1972  (via)

George W. Gardner: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Crumb, Marathon, New York, 1975  (via)

Williams College ice hockey, 1929