Laura Raynair

Sir, February 1957

George Mobley: Sheep in boats in Greenland, ca. 1975

Photo by Louis Faurer, 1949-50

Hep, September 1956

Vernon Fisher: Man Cutting Globe, 1995  (via)


Jeff Mermelstein: Money makes the world go round…(1992)

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"…she realizes ‘customers’ are agents from the Internal Revenue Service…"

Hep, September 1956


Belgium, 1928. Photo: Paul G. Guillumentte.

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Brassai: Les Mauvais garons, deux voyous, Place d’Italie, Paris, ca. 1932  (via)

Laurel Nakadate: still from The Wolf Knife, 2010  (via)

Danny Fitzgerald: Johnny, New York, 1962

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Edwin Wisherd: New Orleans ca. 1930 (via)

Sir, February 1957